We offer following services to our dear students!

Medical Facilities

» College maintains a proper ‘Sick Room’ under qualified female Nursing Staff of Army Medical Corps. First aid facilities and medicines of emergency nature are available at the ‘Sick Room’.


» The School vans are used for school duties, study trips, ambulance service and to transport students in case of emergency.

Laboratories / Science Laboratories

» The school has a fairly well stocked library and well equipped science laboratories.

  1. 2 x Physics
  2. 2 x Chemistry
  3. 2 x Biology

Computer Laboratories

» The School has well equipped Computer Laboratories for both Senior and Junior Campuses.

  1. 3 x Computer Labs (Main Campus)
  2. 1 x Computer Lab (Shahsawar Campus)
  3. 1x Computer Lab (Pre School)


» Adequate arrangements for Swings, See-Saw, Merry-go-Rounds and Climbing Ladders for juniors and Basket Ball, Table Tennis and Badminton for Seniors are in the School/College.

Stationery Shop

» APSAC has also arranged for a Stationery Shop within the school premises for the students so that they can buy the stationery things from there at reasonable cost.

Video Room

» APSAC has also arranged an Video Room for th